Monday, May 3, 2010

Ships in Manokwari harbor

The number of goods or containers that are unloaded in ship harbor of Manokwari is increasing nowadays. This is due to the change of the city's status into the capital of the newly formed West Papua province.
Container ships and cargo ships frequently visit Manokwari to deliver goods that are needed to support the development of the city and its rural areas. Most of the cargoes that these ships bring are construction materials. And small amount of agricultural produce that they load to be exported to Java or Makassar from this city are plantation commodity such as cocoa beans.
Every week PELNI passenger ships arrive in Manokwari ship harbor to bring hundreds of migrants from outside Papua and take hundreds from the city to other coastal towns of Papua island or to other islands in the Indonesian archipelago.
 Besides seagoing steel ships, smaller wooden boats that are operated by the Butonese provide service both to the Papuan people and the government. These boats have different berthing pier. The government has provided a small wooden jetty for these boats in Anggrem area.These boats are greatly important in carrying government logistics to remote coastal villages in the Cendrawasih bay (Geelvinkbaai).
Although more cargoes and containers have been delivered to Manokwari city, the cargo handling equipment used to unload them are still from the derrick booms or crane that the ships have.  Although Manokwari harbor has been enlarge to increase its capacity for berthing ships with larger displacement, it still hasn't got container cranes that can speed up the process of loading and unloading of cargoes at the moment. by Charles Roring

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