Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Naval Architecture blog in Many Languages by Google Translate

I have been running this blog since May 2007. At first, I wrote articles about anything that I encountered everyday in my daily life. After some one and a half years, I decided to focus more of my posts on such subjects as naval architecture, resistance and propulsion of ships, and marine propeller. In other words, this blog is now about ship and marine environment.
I just add Google Translate tool which you can see on the top right corner of this blog. Readers of this blog are from many countries around the world and sometimes they don't fully understand the English language which I use in writing the postst of this blog. They can just choose the language in the form and let Google Translate all the translation in seconds. I find this as one of the best tool Google provides to internet users. I hope that after adding the Google Translate tool, readers of this blog can fully enjoy the content of this blog. Thank you Google and thank you all of you for visiting and reading my writings.


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