Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ArchiCAD 12 the best choice software for architects and interior designer

by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

Yesterday, I was with my friends watching Pak Edy Rahmat, a well-known architect in this town, demonstrating and explaining new features of ArchiCAD 12. I am a Naval Architect, someone who designs ships, boats and other floating structures. Dealing with home or building design is relatively a new experience for me. My father was a civil engineer. So, I am not totally new to home building and construction. I can easily interpret or understand the technical drawings of a house a land architect produces as necessary documents for constructing a house.

ArchiCAD is a virtual building solution that is produced by Graphisoft. Its headquarters is in Budapest, Hungary.

Designing houses or buildings with ArchiCAD has been a daily lifestyle for an experienced designer like Pak Edi Rahmat. He showed how fast ArchiCAD 12 produces drawings of certain sections which he made on ORCHID supermarket in just a few seconds with no mistakes at all. Making such drawings using other CAD systems needs more steps. I am amazed on such new features of ArchiCAD 12 as hotlink and curtain wall that enable an architect to handle the design of the whole building.

All the building elements are integrated into one another. Any elemental changes an architect makes on ArchiCAD documents will automatically change all the related elements of the building without requiring the architect to assess and redrawn the necessary corrections of other effected elements.

I am interested in learning more about ArchiCAD 12 in the near future. Besides it is a powerful and extraordinary design solution, it also has a forum which architects from around the world share their experiences.

ArchiCAD 12 has video tutorials and BIM experience kit e-guide which are intended to help new user like me getting started with the extraordinary features of ArchiCAD 12. I will discuss more about this software in my next postings.

ArchiCAD is being offered in special price this month in Indonesia.

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