Raja Ampat Resort

Resorts in Raja Ampat

There are a lot of resorts in Raja Ampat which visitors can choose to stay during their vacation. Some of them include Misool Eco Resort, Papua Explorers Dive Resort, Kri Eco Resort, Meridien Adventure Marina Club, Cove Eco Resort. Raja Ampat Dive Resort. The newest one is Raja Ampat Flow Resort. Most of these resorts are managed by proffesional staff, have got traditionally designed but modern concept bungalows. They have got modern facilities such dive centers, speedboats. They also offer dive and snorkeling excursions to various coral reef areas or sightseeing tours to beautiful places such as Wayag, Piaynemo, Kabui bay and Insouduwer lagoon in the archipelago.

Homestays in Raja Ampat

Visitors who want to stay in Raja Ampat for a few days or weeks can also choose one of the homestays that are run by villagers. Some have got very nice bungalows and facilities such as Yenkoranu homestay, Kordiris Homestay, Piaynemo Homestay, Warikaf Homestay,  Most of them can organize tours to important tourist attractions in the regency.


I organize snorkeling, freediving, hiking, birdwatching and sightseeing tours in West Papua of Indonesia. I often receive questions from visitors about where to stay in the islands.
There is a nice beach in southern region of Raja Ampat. Its name is Warduwer beach. A beach resort called Raja Ampat Flow (RAFLOW) Resort is being prepared at the moment. It will have 15 bungalows and 5 standard rooms. Each bungalow or room can accommodate 2 guests (+ 1 guest in extra bed).


The house reef of the resort is in very nice condition. Hundreds of species of fish, hard and soft corals as well as other marine creatures live there. Some of them include Christmas Tree Worms that exist in various colours, several species of anemonefish, sea star, burrowing clams, scorpionfish, tasselled wobbegong, hawkfish, and moorish idol. Swimming, snorkeling and freediving can be done at this beach. We provide snorkeling gear which guests could rent.

Rainforest Birdwatching
The forest behind the resort is nice too. It is a good site to see tropical vegetation, insects, reptiles, and birds. Birds that I have seen at Warduwer beach are: Eclectus Parrot, Palm Cockatoo, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Beautiful Fruit Dove, Pinon Imperial Pigeon, Yellow-faced Myna, Hooded Butcherbird, Dusky Scrubfowl, Red Bird of Paradise, Shining Flycatcher, Olive-backed Sunbird, Black Sunbird, Willie Wagtail, Intermediate Egret, Blyth's Hornbill, Rufous-bellied Kookaburra, Sacred Kingfisher, Beach Kingfisher, and etc.

The location of the resort is around 10 minutes from Marinda airport or approximately 20 minutes from Waisai harbour. Visitors who arrive at the harbour can continue their trip to RAFLOW Resort by chartered car or by ojek (motorcycle taxi).
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