Raja Ampat Tour

Motorized boats for exploring Raja Ampat islands
I provide tour package for visitors who are interested in traveling in Raja Ampat. Visitors who take the tour will be able to enjoy snorkeling in a lot of coral reef sites. Based on my personal experience, the coral reef areas that are good for snorkeling can be seen at Yenbuba strait, Nort-West and South West of Mansuar, Sawondarek, Arborek, Pianemo post, Five Rocks, Karst islets of Kabui bay. In addition to snorkeling, visitors can see the beautiful natural scenery of Karts islets of Raja Ampat.
There are a lot of species of tropical fish which visitors can see such as grouper, giant trevally, parrot fish, boxfish, sweetlips, damselfish, wrasse, sharks, and a lot more.
Reef Fish in Yenbuba Strait of Raja Ampat Archipelago
The duration of the tour is 5 days but a more customized trip can be arranged upon request. I can arrange a customized snorkeling, swimming, and sightseeing tours for visitors who want to maximize their holiday in Raja Ampat.
Because the price per tour is very expensive, I highly recommend that visitors go in a group of at least 4 to 6 people to share the cost of transportation, accommodation, food and guides.

Sweetlips in the waters of Raja Ampat islands
ITINERARY for Central Raja Ampat
Here is a typical itinerary that I offer to my customers:
Day 1
Leaving Sorong for Raja Ampat
We will stay at one of the homestays in the region
Snorkeling in Yenbuba strait between Kri and Mansuar
Day 2
Traveling to Kabui karst islets (snorkeling) and a visit to its passage. There are various species of anemonefish living at its slopes as well as other reef fish.
Snorkeling in Batu Lima or Cape Friwen (there is abundant marine life at its drop off reef).
A visit to sand bank
Day 3
Traveling to Pianemo to see its beautiful scenery on top of one of its karst islets
Snorkeling in Arborek
Day 4
Snorkeling in West Mansuar
Snorkeling in Sawondarek
Day 5
Leaving Raja Ampat for Sorong
Please, consider the above itinerary as a reference only. It can be changed during the trip  depending on weather condition.

Karst Islets in Pianemo (Fam islands) -
photo by Charles Roring
Itinerary for Northeast Raja Ampat
Number of Participants should be at least 4 people to share the cost.
Day 1
Going by motorized boat from Sorong to Yenbekaki village in the north east of Waigeo
Trekking to Mount Sarembon

Day 2
Hiking and wildlife watching in Warebar river
Overnight stay in Warebar river

Day 3
Birdwatching and wildlife watching in Warebar river
Snorkeling at Yenandau beach

Day 4 - 5
Transfer to Mamiaef island, and snorkeling and sightseeing in sand banks and along the coastal area of east Waigeo

Day 6
Visiting Dolphins lagoon
Visiting the nearby village
Sightseeing and snorkeling

Day 7
Transfer to Sorong city
End of tour

How to get there?

  • Fly from your country to Jakarta - the capital of Indonesia
  • After that, fly to Sorong city by such airlines as Sriwijaya, Garuda, Express or Nam Air, Lion Air.
  • I will meet you at the airport and arrange your trip to Raja Ampat.
Additional Tour
Rainforest Birding Tour in Tambrauw Mountains or in Klasow Valley
Your trip can also be extended to include rainforest tour in the mainland of West Papua. Participants of the tour will be able to see tropical jungle ecosystem which is the natural habitat of such beautiful birds as Blyth's hornbill, Pinon imperial pigeon, pink spotted fruit dove, golden myna, moustached tree swift, large fig parrot, rainbow lorykeet, western crowned pigeon and a lot more.
Tropical Rainforest in Tambrauw Regency
On the average, visitors spend 3 days/ 2 nights birding and trekking in Klasow valley is the east of Sorong city approximately 1.5 hours by 4wd car.

For more customized trip, please, contact me by email to: for more information about prices and booking of the tour.

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