Thursday, July 31, 2014

Figure drawing of a sleeping lady

Human figure is one of the most difficult subjects to draw or paint. When we draw a tree, we do not worry about making mistakes. We can add branches or leaves as many as we like.

When I began sketching this lady in reclining position, I had to make sure that the length of the feet and thighs are in balanced proportions to her body, arms and heads.
Marie's soft charcoal pencil was my tool for sketching this female figure. It could produce black lines that build a complete  form of this nude lady. The charcoal pencil is getting shorter and I have to buy another one. Unfortunately, there is no art supply shop in this town.
In addition to using classic media such as watercolors and charcoal stick, I also like to try and practice with digital illustration tools. In the past I used Macromedia Freehand which was very intuitive but it is not updated by Adobe anymore. So, I decide to use another vector drawing software called Inkscape. It has got tools similar to Freehand and also a very intuitive software.
Commission Drawing
I receive commission drawing based on the photographs of the subjects that I am required to draw. The subject can be figure drawing (portraits, children, reclined nudes and etc.); animals (dogs, horses, cats, etc.) and other interesting and artistic things. Please, contact me by email to:

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