Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Drawing of Seashells

I like going to the beach. I go there to swim, enjoy snorkeling and take lots of pictures of colorful fish and coral reef. On my last visits, I began collecting small sized seashells which I would use later for my drawing or sketching practices. Last week I arranged them on the table and started to draw them.

I made the sketch using graphite pencil and sharpened the lines of the seashell drawing with charcoal pencil. Later, I used black gel ink pen to create darker outlines of these beautiful houses of marine mollusk.
With Samsung Tab 3 in my palms, I took picture of my drawing and cropped it in Adobe Photoshop Express. The above picture is the result. Hope that you like it. The whole process takes a few days to complete because I only draw in my leisure time.
Samsung Tab 3 is now an old smartphone tablet but it is still powerful in supporting my works. I have got some applications installed in it. Some of them are Aviary, Polaris Office, Video Downloader, TMEyePro and WhatsApp. I used Google Chrome as my browser to upload this picture to my blog. Hope that you like it :-)

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