Thursday, November 27, 2008

Las Vegas A Diving Hub for Diver Communities

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You might never imagine that Las Vegas in the Nevada desert is an important hub for scuba divers. Every year thousands of divers, diving equipment manufacturers, and resort owners gather in Las Vegas to attend annual exhibition. During the event many diving resorts offer special packages with discount prices.

The increasing conflict in the middle east have caused divers to move away from Sinai, a popular diving destination in the middle east for European divers. As a result more and more divers explore new diving destinations which still have coral reef that are still in pristine condition.

Coral reefs in Raja Ampat islands and Cendrawasih National Marine Park of Teluk Wondama regency, as well as Mapia island of Biak regency in West Papua are considered the most potential destinations in the Pacific beside the already popular ones such as Great Barrier Reef of Australia.

In the annual exhibition in Las Vegas, we could see various diving equipment which can make diving easier and more comfortable. Such equipments include special mask which is equipped with microphone and loudspeakers that are connected with a casing that keeps diver's mobile phone. With this mask and casing, scuba divers can call and receive phone calls underwater. Another simple equipment is small carriage for air tanks. When along the beach, divers can pull his air tank that is attached to a portable carriage. This simple design equipment can help divers to move or walk faster along the beach or jetty. From now on, Las Vegas will not only be seen as a city for gamblers but also a city for divers. by Charles Roring

Snorkeling Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Snorkeling Tours

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Foot Massage in French Polynesia of Bora bora A Right Choice for a right Traveler

by Charles Roring in Manokwari West Papua

French Polynesia is a must see destination for real travelers. It has many resorts that provide professional services from water sport to body and mind relaxation. Resort spa has been a favorite place for relaxation. In Bora Bora there is a resort that offers unique foot massage. The weight of the masseur's body add more pressure to yours that have been lubricated with palm oil. The pressure given by the masseur's feet can create an exotic sensation as well as improve the blood circulation. Traveling to Bora Bora is now an exclusive journey yet an affordable trip for every body.

Bora-bora is one of the beautiful islands in French Polynesia. It has been a favorite tourist travel destination for years. When travelers arrived in Bora bora whether by air or sea, they will be greeted with the colorful coral reef dotted with emerald islets encircling the main island. The island of Bora Bora is one of the most renowned island in Polynesia.

There is a beautiful resort that is located in a secluded lagoon of the island. Cottages lie in rows above the sea water. Their design is unique and adapted to Polynesian indigenous homes. The roof is made of palm leaves that are arranged together to provide natural shelter for the guests of the resort.

Resort spa in French Polynesia of Bora Bora. The design of the cottages are adapted to local house style

From the resort, divers can hire a boat to go diving in pristine coral reefs around Bora Bora. Travelers may also enjoy sunbathing along the white sandy beach of the island across from the resort. Contact your nearest tour and travel operator in town to see if they provide travel deals to the Polynesian island of Bora Bora.Technorati : , , , , : , , , , Zooomr : , , , , Flickr : , , , ,

Friday, November 21, 2008

Travel security the concern of every tourist

by Charles Roring

Tour and travel industry have become a significant contributor many countries around the world. People travel for various reasons such as pleasure or tourism, business purposes, medical treatment or just visiting families.

tourist going around by boat in Phuket Thailand

Going abroad is not a luxurious journey anymore. A lot of tour operators offer travel deals to various countries in affordable price. Unfortunately, the increasing number of global conflicts is still seen the main obstacle for the development of tourism in certain parts of the world. In addition to that, the war of terror doesn't seem to have successfully reduced terror attacks in the contrary it creates more.

Travelers are now reluctant to travel to certain regions where the number of terror attacks is increasing, particularly in India, the Middle East and some parts in Southern Thailand.It is important to note that travelers where ever they go must take some preparations before leaving for certain countries. They may possibly choose countries that are relatively free from terror attacks or they might buy travel insurance to cover them during their trip abroad.

beautiful model sun bathing on deck of yacht

But travel security is not only about going around the world that is free from terrorism. The airplane condition, the weather, the underwater current in a diving site and the traffic condition in certain countries also have to be taken into account. More tourists die because of drowning at sea, hit by car, infected by viral disease or plane crash rather than becoming the victims of a terror attack.

Therefore, the travel security is not only a matter of national stability of a country but professional services of the whole tourism industry. Airliners must ensure that the planes they operate are safe and well maintained. In addition, the sanitation facilities in tourist destinations have to be well cleaned to prevent the spread of deadly bird flu virus and cholera bacteria or malaria. The safety standards must also be applied to the foods that are offered to tourists eating out in restaurants.If all stakeholders of tourism industry have seriously involved in improving travel security, the number of tourists traveling around the world will increase.

Interesting travel destination in mountainous region of Yatsugatake Japan.

by Charles Roring

beautiful scenery in the mountainous region of Yatsugatake Japan

a traveler is observing the moon at planetarium in yatsugatake

great nebula in orion, this picture was taken from a planetarium in yatsugatake mountainous region, two hours traveling by train from Tokyo Japan

In recent days tour agencies around the world have increasingly offered various travel deals to Japan especially to its beautiful mountainous regions. Japan is famous for its mountain. Travelers who have visited Japan can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Mount Fuji.
Another travel destination that is unique and attractive is the mountainous region of Yatsugatake. If you are are interested in visiting this place, you can go there by train. It takes two hours from Tokyo to Kobuchisawa station. Then you can continue their trip to Yatsugatake by bus. In Yatsugatake, you walk along the trails and enjoy the fresh air from various green trees and colorful flowers. Deeper into the mountain, the slope is rising sharply.
Inside the forest, you will come across a hanging bridge that spans to the other side of the cliff. After crossing the bridge and walking along a narrow path, you will arrive in a beautiful waterfall with a pool at the bottom of the limestone cliff. The water looks green. It is also cool and fresh. You can swim in the pool before continuing your travel to family run inn which the Japanese usually call pension. There are many pensions in Yatsugatake with affordable price.
One pension is very unique. It has a planetarium or star observatory station. The owner of the pension built the planetarium to enjoy the beautiful scenery of planets and stars. It is built separately from the pension. The mountainous region of Yatsugatake has clean air which enables astronomers from all around Japan to observe planets from telescope radio or planetarium that are constructed in the region.
At night you can ask the pension owner to open the planetarium so that you can see the moon, planet Jupiter, the great nebula in Orion or even Andromeda galaxi. Sometimes if you are lucky enough can see comet traveling across this vast universe.
So, the tour around Yatsugatake mountain will provide you not only travel experience about trees, flowers, and the beautiful scenery of the hills and valleys but also the beautiful view of airspace.
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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Exotic Thailand A Must See Destination to Travel

Travel industry is growing rapidly in Thailand. Every year millions of tourists visit the country. Thailand government, together with airliners, hotel owners and tour agencies, have been promoting their tourism attractions for years. The number of foreigners who travel to Thailand is increasing every year.

Before Thailand is an agriculture country. To accelerate the development in the region, Thailand government and stakeholders of tourism industry diversify their development strategy by promoting tourism. It seems that they have been successful in their efforts. More tourists come from all around the world. People will not only recognize Thailand for its white elephant but also for its beautiful scenery, friendly people and many exotic attractions. Thailand is still famous for its elephants. Kissing the head of an elephant is considered bringing luck. As a result, many travelers like to kiss elephant.

Phuket is one of tour destinations in Thailand that attracts tourists. It is located in southern region overlooking Andaman sea. It has many interesting places to visit. At night there are many events along the beach ranging from dancing, music concert up to traditional play.

Local people take advantage of the booming tourism industry in their region. They work in as staff in beach hotels, as boat operators, and as divers for diving resorts. Many sell souvenirs to tourists.

There are many beautiful islands in Thailand. One of them is James Bond island. Move producers from the United Kingdom used to make James Bond movie in the island. It has caves that are located near the beach.
There is also a place where tourists can see turtles. It is called Turtle Conservation Project. Turtles have been facing extinction. This project is important to restore turtle population.

Next time, if you intend to travel abroad, choose Thailand as your destination. You can find more information about tourism in Thailand if you search it on the internet. There are many travel deals offered by tour and travel agencies in Thailand at affordable cost. by Charles Roring
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beach Travel versus Marine Ecotourism

by Charles Roring
Many travel deals offered by tour operators invite tourists to have vacations at the beach. The tour package includes usually one week staying in a nice beach hotel overlooking the blue ocean, snorkeling, diving and wind surfing activities. Countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philipines are favorite destination for the beach travelers. Tourism has been a booming industry for years.

a crowded beach full with travelers and hotel construction are real threats to coral reef and marine environment
a crowded beach

Tour and travel agency aggressively promote travel deals in many developed countries to buy attractive tour packages. Beach hotel, and many other facilities are being constructed along white sandy beaches to accommodate the increasing number of tourists.
On one side the increasing number of travelers going to the beach area will give significant economic contribution to the host countries but on the other side, beach tourism has put increasing pressures to marine environment. If not properly managed, the coral reefs ecosystem will face severe destructions from the development of tourism industry at the beach area.
Therefore it is very important for all stakeholders of marine tourism industry to develop awareness on the marine conservation so that the destruction of marine ecosystem can be minimized to its lowest point.
Marine ecosystem can bring positive impact to the beach and marine environment if it can educate beach travelers about the importance of marine ecosystem to global environment. This includes improvements in the practices of servicing the tourists. In addition, tourists must also be informed about how to behave properly at the beach and underwater.
Travel agency can make special brochure which explains safe diving practices that will not harm the fish, corals reef habitat.
Beach travel will give significant contribution to the marine environment if the stakeholders in the marine tourism industry can encourage the travelers to participate in beach clean-up activities, turtle conservation and in reducing the number of debris thrown to the sea.
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When traveling in Tokyo don't forget to try Soba noodle

Ask your travel agency about interesting places to visit in Japan. They might suggest that you visit the shopping centers, underground farming and even entertainment centers whose workers are mostly you men.

But it is not what I want to tell you here. An interesting feature which is good for traveler to see is Japanese foods. One of them is Soba noodle. It is made of Soba grains. It is also delicious. Japanese restaurants offer unique experience for travelers who want to enjoy not only various kinds of cuisines of Soba noodles but also the process of making them.

typical dish of soba noodle. It's really delicious for traveler like you

After eating a bowl of Soba noodle you can ask the restaurant owner if they also have or offer a special course on noodle making for travelers or tourists like you. If he does not have one, he might tell you where to go. Making Soba noodles is a laborious job especially for tourist. You have registered in a Soba noodle making course, you can begin practicing how to make it. First the noodle master will ask you to wash Soba grains. Then you will need to dry them. After that you have to grind them using milling stone. It is quite heavy. From it you will get Soba flour. Then you will need to mix it with some water. The next step is kneading the dough. It is similar to making bread. Then you have to flatten the dough using roller. The last process is cutting the flattened dough into noodles. When the noodles are ready, you can use them to cook any kind of dish that you like.

So, when you travel to Japan, don't forget to have Soba noodle for your lunch or attend Soba noodle making course.

When in Japan, you can attend soba noodle making course

Traveling in Japan can be fascinating if you try something different from the usual travel destinations offered in travel deals by tour agencies. If you have just arrived in Narita international airport or are about to leave for your home country try to walk around an amusement park located near the airport. It is similar to Disneyland where travelers can see traditional Japanese village built and operated according to the Edo period where electricity does not exist. You can try anything that they offer.

During this financial crisis, Japanese government is trying to promote its tourism industry. Many travel deals are promoted by tour and travel company in affordable cost. So, when you plan to travel abroad this year, Japan can be your next choice.
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You need travel insurance if you want to dive in remote islands

Traveling to remote islands and diving around pristine coral reef can be a fascinating experience. It can also be a dangerous one. When you decide to travel to Pacific islands, or to South East Moluccan islands or Mapia island of West Papua, you will find that the logistic support for tourism is not sufficient. In those places, you cannot find beach hotel equipped with diving centers. Travelers will carry their diving equipment. They will also need to buy travel insurance.

Travel insurance is important for people who often go on a trip to far away places whether for business, or pleasure. It must cover anything that is related to traveling risks. Traveler might get sick during his or her tour. Accident might happen when the traveler dives in coral reefs that have strong currents. In fewer cases, traveler might get trapped in a civil war in a country.
Diving is a very good sport but it is a very dangerous too. Divers need to buy travel insurance that cover not only the risk of accidents but also the safety of their equipment. Most diving sites in remote region have not been developed as tourist destination centers. It means there might not be hospital or health clinics available in those areas. If accident happens, the victim has to be transported by helicopter to hospital in a city. You have to consider this thing if you want to travel to remote places. When they travel to diving sites that are not listed in famous tourist destination, the travel insurance which they buy should also cover air travel failures. The flight back home might be canceled by the airline company for certain unclear reasons and your work schedule at home will have to be jeopardized.

Another important thing which you need to have when traveling to remote region is communication equipment. You may need to buy satellite cell phone with solar battery charger so that you can recharge the batteries using the abundant sunlight of tropical region. The last thing which I want to tell you before you decide to travel to remote diving sites is traveling with friends. It is better to travel with some divers so that besides you can share the cost you will also be able to help one another if an accident happens.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Plan your next travel to Surabaya city

by Charles Roring

I don't travel very often. But I have money and time I usually fly to Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. Surabaya is famous for its malls, traditional markets and restaurants. Surabaya is the trading hub for East Indonesia region. It is also a transit city for travelers who want to go to Bali or Yogyakarta and Jakarta.

girls dancing in a restaurant in Surabaya city of Indonesia

Traveling in Surabaya is easy because all places can be assessed by car. Most of the problems that are related to city life are the crowds and traffic jam. Usually traffic jam occurs early in the morning at around six to eight and in the evening at around five to seven.

So if you intend to travel around the city, choose the right time. Your travel guide or tour agency can set the most suitable hour and places to visit.

In my experienced when I traveled to Surabaya early this year, Singapore of Surabaya was the recommended place to eating out at night. It is located not far from Pakuwon mall. There travelers can enjoy the romantic night live of Surabaya. There are restaurants along the street which offer Indonesian, Chinese and Western cuisines.

Singapore of Surabaya

Travelers can also enjoy shopping in Tunjungan Plaza, Delta Plaza or Galaxi and Pakuwon Mall. Personally I like to visit Tunjungan that is located in the city center. Most foreign travelers like to go to Galaxi mall. You can choose whatever shopping centers you are interested in.

After traveling around Surabaya, you can continue your trip to Malang and Batu where you can see the beautiful scenery of Mount Bromo. I will write about it later.

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Travel Experience in Papua

I often travel to coastal region. Two of my favorite places are Mansinam and Lemon islands. They are located in the middle of Dore bay. Travelers who want to travel to Papua should consider these islands as one of their destination. It is not these islands that attract my attention but the history they bear.

Divers from around the world travel to this bay to enjoy the underwater world of the bay. There are many sunken ships lie intact for tens of years in the bay. The largest one is Shinwa Maru, a Japanese cargo vessel which was torpedoed by American airplane during World War II.
If you are interested in traveling to Papua and diving in this bay, don't forget to bring your own diving equipment including a portable compressor. After diving across shipwrecks of Manokwari bay, travelers can continue their trip by traveling to Mapia island of Biak regency or the National Marine Park of Cendrawasih Bay. I recommend that you travel to both of the places before completing your dive trip to Raja Ampat islands in Sorong regency.

Papuan children were fishing at the jetty of Mansinam island
These places are the recommended dive sites in West Papua. Again, don't expect to stay in luxurious beach hotel like what you experience in Carribean islands or Phuket Thailand. In Cendrawasih and Mapia or Raja Ampat. If you travel to these places, you will see how the indigenous catch fish using traditional equipment. How they conserve their environment by using folk stories that sometimes are related to ancestral worships. For instance, the locals don't eat turtles because they believe that their ancestors were from turtles. In fact, this kind of mythology is very effective in protecting the turtle species from extinction. Travelers who stop by in Manokwari can visit Cape Bakaro. There you can see how the locals call coral fish to come to the shore.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Traveling to Bukit Kasih

by Charles Roring

Travelers like to visit Bukit Kasih when they are in Minahasa. Many tours and travel agencies in Indonesia provide tour package to this region. Bukit Kasih literally means Hill of Love. Local government built the Bukit Kasih as a tourist destination to promote peace and religious tolerance in the regency. It is actually a small but active volcano. Hot steam and hotspring accompanied with sulfurous gas come out of the ground. Food vendors boil eggs, corn directly from the hot water. At the foot of the hill, traveler can see a tall monument erected in the middle of the parking lot. It is not difficult to climb the hill to the top as the government has constructed concrete stairs for the travelers.

Bukit Kasih or Love Hill is constructed by local government of Minahasa Indonesia to promote peace and religious tolerance. Traveling to this place needs 45 minutes upto one hour from Manado the capital city of the province of North Sulawesi

Bukit Kasih (Hill of Love) in Minahasa, North Sulawesi. Photograph Charles Roring

On certain heights of the hills there are houses of worships for Christians, Moslems, Hindus and Budhists. Along the way to the top, there are stations of the way of the cross for the Catholics. Travelers like to walk to these houses of prayer. Here they can take a rest for a while before continuing their travel to the top of the hill. There a giant cross stands overlooking the beautiful scenery of Minahasan mountainous region. It takes twenty to thirty minutes walking from the foot to the top of the hill. So, don't forget to bring some snacks when you want to travel to the Bukit Kasih. Standing on the top of the hill, I can see Tondano lake, the nearby village and two or three Minahasan volcanoes slightly covered with fog in a distant. I was very exhausted after reaching the top but the magnificent view and the fresh air that I inhaled swept away all the tiredness.

Traveler can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Minahasan highland if they travel to Bukit Kasih. Photographer: Charles Roring

Minahasan villages viewed from the top of Bukit Kasih (Love Hill) Photograph Charles Roring

Not far from the Bukit Kasih, there is a place called Watu Pinabetengan. Hundreds of years ago, Minahasan tribal chiefs met in this place to settle problems and differences among them. There are inscriptions that no one has ever known their meanings. Travelers can go there after going down from the hill. Along the way to the Watu Pinabetengan, travelers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of vegetables and rice fields as well as horses. The farmland are producing crops that are important for the economy of the Minahasan people.

The cost of traveling to Bukit Kasih and Watu Pinabetengan is not expensive. It can be ten to fifteen US dollars/ person from Manado, the capital city of the province of North Sulawesi. You should travel in a group of five to eight so that you can share to cost of rent a car.

birds resting on wire in Bukit Kasih of Minahasa North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Photographer Charles Roring

When I was there I took a picture of birds resting on telephone cable. They were not aware of the human crowds walking under them climbing the hill. Some of them flew down to eat leftovers thrown by the tourists or travelers. You may not see them while you travel to Bukit Kasih because of the weather or disturbances caused by tourists. If you are able to visit the love hill and see birds resting on electrical or telephone wire like the above one, please don't try to get closer to them or they might fly away. The best and the safest way to capture this kind of picture is to use zooming feature in your digital camera or video recorder.

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Travel Story from Rambunan Village

by Charles Roring

My tour in Sonder villages was considered complete if I had traveled to Rambunan village. Many travel agency haven't provided tour package to this region. It is around one hour traveling by car from Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi Province of Indonesia. After two days staying in Sonder, I continued my trip to that village. It is a special village that produce sugar from palm trees. Palm sugar is an important ingredients in South East Asian cuisines. Palm sugar is made by heating the sweet sap that has been taken from Aren palm trees usually in early the morning and at around 5.00 p.m. in the afternoon.

Aren palm tree (pohon seho) in Rambunan village of Minahasa

If you plan to travel Rambunan village, ask your tour and travel agency to arrange for a special trip to that village. The best time to visit it is during full moon period. At the time the Aren trees produce a lot of sap. The sap is sometimes fermented and distilled by farmers to make CapTikus. Cap Tikus or Sopi contains high percentage of alcohol. So, if you travel by riding motorcycle or driving a rented car, don't drink too much or you won't be able to return to your hotel.

Palm sugar from Rambunan is sold to local traditional markets in Minahasan towns such as Sonder, Kawangkoan and Tomohon. Some inter-island traders export it to West Papua, Maluku and even Eas Kalimantan. The quality of palm sugar from Rambunan village is the best in the world. The Minahasan people living in Rambunan have been making palm sugar from generations to generations. Although the process is done manually, the sugar they produce is always consistent with it taste. In addition, palm sugar from Rambunan village contains pure brown crystal. I recommend any travelers to buy some so that they use it later when drinking coffee or tea with dodol cake whose main ingredients are rice and palm sugar.

Dodol cake from Sonder Minahasa. Photo by Charles Roring

Similar to many other Minahasan villages, Rambunan village depends on agricultural commodities such as rice, clove, fruits, vanilla and corn. I like traveling to the villagers gardens and have parties with them there. Budget travelers can even arrange two or three days staying in such village to experience more about the village life and customs of the local people.

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Traveling Across the Sonder villages in Minahasa Highland

by Charles Roring

I traveled to Minahasa highland several years ago. You can contact a nearest travel agency in your city to locate where Minahasa is. It is a regency located in the northern part of Sulawesi island of Indonesia. I spent two weeks there staying in a Minahasan family. I traveled most by public transportation and car. Most of the towns are beautiful. Because they are located in the mountainous region they follow the contour of hills, valleys and slopes of the highland.

Sonder village, a good place to travel in Sulawesi island of Indonesia

Sonder town in Minahasa regency, the Province of North Sulawesi, Indonesia

People grow beautiful flowers in front of their houses. So, if you travel from one village to another, you will see colorful flowers and enjoy fresh air. In towns like Tomohon, Kawangkoan and Langowan, travelers can go around the towns by hiring Bendi. Horse drawn cart. The price for one hour is around twenty to fifty thousand rupiahs (around 2 - 5 US dollars).
In Kawangkoan, travelers can stop at kiosks that sell roasted peanuts. There are two or three inns there. You can stay there for one night. The next day if you travel to Sonder, you can ask the driver to stop by for lunch at Terapung Resto - it is a floating restaurant where you can eat fried or grilled Nila fish. Its taste is delicious. Another village that is located some fifteen minutes driving from Sonder is Tincep. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of rice fields arranged like steps on moderate slopes between Sonder and Tincep. Travelers can enjoy various kinds of flowers sold by the villagers. Tincep is the larges flower market in the region. There are two or three waterfalls in that village. I recommend that you stay in Tincep for one or two days before continuing your travel to other towns. In addition to flower market, rice fields and waterfalls, travelers can enjoy white water rafting in Timbukar village. Don't forget to wear life jacket when you get into the boat.
Minahasan people are full of smile and laughs. They like singing folk songs, playing music as well as drinking saguer. For this drink, many tourists who travel to this region say that the refined one is strong enough to make you hang over the next day before continuing your trip. When saguer has been fermented and distilled, the end product is called Cap Tikus. Its alcohol content is probably higher than whiskey. So, don't drink too much if you plant to leave the village early in the morning. If you still have time, you can take a short trip to Leilem to see how the local craftsmen make furniture. Next time I will tell you my travel experience in another village or town.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The food we eat influences the blood glucose level

by Charles Roring
People with diabetes need to control their blood glucose closer to normal level. Whether they are patients of type 1 or type 2 diabetes, they must know it everyday. Our blood glucose is normal if it is between 70 and 110 mg/dl measured at 8 hours fasting. But it is not easy for patients of diabetes to keep their blood glucose at these levels. It is realistic if we can control our fast blood glucose and 2 hours after meal to be under 200 mg/dl. If the level is too low (typically less than 70), patients will experience hypoglycemia. In this condition, patients will tremble, feel weak and very hungry. Sweet food or drinks such as softdrink, fruit juice, biscuits or glucose tables will be needed to raise the blood sugar level. If the blood sugar level is too high, then insulin injection is needed to lower it. Fast-acting carbohydrate such as apple or orange juice, grapes and regular soda can raise our blood glucose back to normal.
The levels of blood glucose are not always the same after meal. They depend on the kind of foods that we usually eat. If we measure them by ourselves, we will able to understand why our blood glucose is rising or falling. We can also know when the level is at its highest point or at its lowest point. Then, we will be able to take action to balance it.
The food that we eat will certainly raise our blood glucose. One to two hours after meal, the blood glucose will rise to its highest level. So, we have to measure the amount of food that we eat. We need to control our daily meal, and our lunch, and dinner time so that we will be able to know when and how our blood glucose rises or falls. By doing that, we will be able to adjust the amount of insulin injection or medicine that we need to overcome hyperglycemia. If we need to know about how to prevent diabetes and control this disease, we can visit Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Various kinds of food causes various blood sugar level. Our food contains carbohydrate, protein, and fat. These three components raise the glucose level. But carbohydrate is the strongest component that raises the glucose level.