Monday, March 8, 2021

Marine Life Art Inspired from Coral Reef in Raja Ampat

I often guide visitors to Raja Ampat for a combined rainforest and coral reef tour. For rainforest trips, we enjoy hiking and birdwatching to see tropical birds of Waigeo island such as Wilson's Bird of Paradise, Red Bird of Paradise, Rufous-bellied Kookaburra, Common Paradise Kingfisher, Hooded Butcherbird, Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, Palm Cockatoo, Eclectus Parrot, Red-cheeked Parrot, and etc.

Digital drawing of tropical reef fish
Reef Fish Illustration

For coral reef tour, we usually enjoy snorkeling in several coral reef sites to see surgeonfish, anemonefish, parrotfish, moorish idol and a lot more. 

I often take pictures of these beautiful marine life which will be my inspiration and references when I create drawings and other artworks. 

vector illustration of whaleshark and a freediver or snorkeler
Digital illustration of whaleshark that is printed on t-shirt

I also draw bigger marine animals like manta and whaleshark. This is important to raise awareness among all of us about the importance of keeping our sea clean. When we throw plastics on the streets, they will be pushed by rain water to drainage tunnels and ditches that flow to the sea. Marine environment will become the victim of our irresponsible behavior. 

Please, support our efforts in raising awareness about the importance of proctecting and preserving coral reef and rainforest environments by buying products such as t-shirts, mugs, tote-bags, cell-phone cases, pillows, stickers, spiral notebooks, that are printed with art drawings of fish, and other marine life through this Marine Art Online Shop.