5 Days/ 4 Nights Misool, Adventure Trip

Open Trips:

15-19 October 2023

Day 1 Sorong - Misool

Arriving in Sorong, tour participants will meet our local guide. Our car will pick you up to a transit hotel. You will check - in the hotel and take a rest. Lunch will be prepared in the form of lunch box. 

At 7, you will be picked up by a car to go for dinner (you will need to pay your own dinner), there is still time for you to go shopping at the supermarket. Transfer to ship harbor. The passenger ship leaves for Misool at 23:00. Sleep time.

traveling to Misool islands of Raja Ampat
Karst in Misool of Raja Ampat islands

Day 2 Dapunlol/ Harfat Peak - Sumalelen - Yapap - Love Peak Dafalen

Arriving in Misool at 9, you will be picked - up by our guide to a homestay. Check - in, breakfast. The trip to  Harfat peak will be started. Reaching the foot of Harfat, tour participants will start trekking to its peak. Picture-taking time. 

The trip will be continued to Yapap a sea rock formation that looks like a temple.  Tour participants can enjoy swimming, and snorkeling as well as taking pictures.  Lunch. 

Trekking to Dafalen Love Peak. Photo Time.

Back to homestay, dinner.

Rest Period.

Indonesian archipelago tour
Tour to karsts in Misool islands of Raja Ampat

Day 3 Gua Putri Termenung (Cave of Sad Princess) - Namlol - Balbulol - Batu Pica

After breakfast, visitors will be taken to Putri Termenung Cave, it has got beautiful and unique stalactites and stalagmites. The trip will be continued to Namlol - lagoon with unique rocks. Tour participants can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, as well as taking selfie pictures. Lunch.

The tour will be continued to Balbulol, a place with rocks that look like Christmas trees. Participants of the tour can enjoy seeing the beautiful scenery, swimming and snorkeling as well as taking pictures. These are an important tourist attraction in southern region of Raja Ampat. 

The last place that we will visit is Batu Pica. There visitors can see very beautiful scenery of Misool. Taking picture here is highly recommended.  

Back to homestay. 

karst of Misool in Indonesia
Misool, Raja Ampat's snorkeling trip

Day 4.  Karwapop Love

After breakfast, participants will be taken to Karwapop. Arriving at the foot of the peak, participants will continue the tour by hiking. It is higher than Harfat. Reaching the top, visitors can see a beautiful lagoon in the form of love. 

Lunch will be served in Olobi island. Swimming and snorkeling can be done here. Back to homestay.  

Tour participants need to pack their belongings. Transfer to ship. 

At 06:00 p.m. ship leaves for Sorong city. 

Rest period

Karwapop Love Peak in Misool islands of Raja Ampat

Day 5 Flight back

Early in the morning, the ship will arrive in Sorong. Transfer to airport. 

End of the Program

Misool karst in Misool islands of Indonesia
Raja Ampat tour package

Price: Rp. 5,300,000/ person

Max. participants per tour: 10 people


  • 2 nights trip by ship between Sorong and Misool
  • 2 nights stay in Berdikari Homestay
  • 3 days trips by speedboat
  • Local guide
  • Meals during the trip
  • Donations to tourism spots
  • Snorkeling mask (without fins)


  • Diving
  • Additional trips
  • Tipping
  • PCR/ Antigen tests
  • Airplane tickets
  • Drone (optional: 2.5 million rupiahs)

Contact: WA +6281332245180

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