Monday, May 23, 2022

Floating Guesthouse in Manokwari

Manokwari is a beautiful city that is located inside Dore Bay (also called Sawaibu bay) of West Papua - the province of Indonesia. Visitors go there to enjoy swimming, snorkeling at the beach as well as hiking, birding in the forest. For accommodation, there are hotels in town. There is a unique guesthouse for visitors who want to enjoy the beauty of Dore bay of Manokwari with the view of city light at night and the blue sea during the day. Its name is Mampiar Soren Guesthouse and Cafe. The guesthouse has got 3 rooms with toilet where each of it can accommodate 2 people.

Sawaibu bay floating house in Manokwari
Floating Guesthouse in Dore bay of Manokwari city
Because it is a floating guesthouse, it can move around the bay bringing its guests to the nearby Mansinam and Lemon islands to enjoy swimming and snorkeling as well as on the island tour. 
Gospel Preaching in Mansinam island
Cross Monument in Mansinam Island
For Christians in West Papua, Mansinam island is considered as a historically important place. The Christianity in West Papua was introduced for the first time in this island. Carl Wilhelm Ottow and Johann Gottlob Geissler landed on Mansinam island on 5 February 1855. Every year the event was celebrated in Manokwari with various activities including the cultural street parade attended by thousands of people. 
Gospel Preaching Day in Manokwari
Cultural Street Parade in Manokwari

Marine Tourism
The Dore bay of Manokwari has got a few coral reef sites that are suitable for visitors who like snorkeling. Mansinam and Lemon islands are the usual places which visitors like to go. Actually, there are more snorkeling sites that have got beautiful marine life including Abasi Beach, Bakaro Beach, Kaki island, Raimuti island, and Anggrisi beach.
Spotfin Lionfish in Manokwari
Spotfin Lionfish

World War II or The Greater East Asia War
During World War II, the Japanese forces were fighting against the Allied forces in the Pacific region. After attacking Pearl Harbor, the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy quickly defeated the Americans in the Philipines, the Dutch in Indonesia, and the British in Singapore and Myanmar. The Japanese forces deployed thousands of troops in Manokwari and its surroundings. They were led by Lieutenant General Fusataro Teshima. The Allied forces launched massive bombardments on Manokwari. The Japanese a lot of caves to protect themselves from the airstrikes. They also built pillboxes. The war has long gone. Now Manokwari has turned into a rapidly growing city. However, we could still see some of the caves and pillboxes here.
Pillbox in Manokwari
A Pillbox of the Imperial Japanese Army in Manokwari

Visitors who are interested in staying in Mampiar Soren Guesthouse and Cafe can contact the owner Mr. Inov by whatsapp to: +62812 4066 163.