Saturday, September 19, 2015

Snorkeling in the Northern Coast of Manokwari

I went snorkeling with a staff of Social Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia this morning. We went to Bakaro beach in the northern coast of Manokwari. The sea had some higher swells but it was relatively calm after we were 100 meters away from the beach. The visibility was very good and I was able to take some nice pictures of the coral reef and the fish.
Coral reef in Manokwari waters
The recommended months to enjoy snorkeling in the northern coast of Manokwari are from April, May and June to September. After that the sea will be too rough for snorkelers but will be more suitable for wave surfers in certain places.
Hard corals in Manokwari waters
My guest that morning was Alex. He went to the beach we left Manokwari city for Bakaro beach at approximately 07.30 and enjoyed snorkeling for around 2 hours. We did not scuba dive. So, it is safe to fly at the same day. But we have to observe our time during the snorkeling tour. I did not want him to be late because he had to return to the city to pack his things up and head to the airport at 13.00.
As a tour guide, I frequently have to check my timepiece to make sure that all activities whether they are in the water or in the jungle with program schedule. I need an affordable watch that is durable and accurate. My favorite one is Tissot 870/970. It has got elegant slim design with gold like coating but sturdy enough to withstand adverse weather condition. For daily activities in the city, I don't wear my Tissot watch. I prefer to see the time from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 watch feature. So, in normal days, I don't wear watch. Today there are numerous watches available on the internet which anybody can order.
As a tour guide, I usually provide rainforest as alternative activities for visitors who come in October, November until February and March.
I will guide tourists in Tambrauw mountains in October for a 3-day rainforest camping tour in the regency. So, if you also have a plan to visit West Papua for land tour, please, contact me by email to: