Saturday, June 1, 2019

Encounter with Wobbegong

Yesterday, I went snorkeling and freediving again at the beach of Raja Ampat Flow Resort (RAFLOW). This time I moved slowly along the reef flat and reef crest area trying to find interesting subjects for my photo collecting works. I found different colors of Christmas Tree Worm, burrowing clam and fish. When I swam closer to the reef crest area, I saw something peculiar. To make sure what it was, I swam toward it. And yes, I saw the unsual fish that a lot of divers, and snorkelers would like to see: the wobbegong. It was a carpet shark. It was a fish that is common in every water like surgeonfish or butterflyfish. This was something special. 
Carefully and slowly, I approached the fish. I activated my camera - the Fujifilm XQ2 - and aimed it at the Wobbegong. I pressed the shutter buttons several times as I moved around it. I was only less than 1 meter. She seemed to enjoy being photographed at. I read in the internet that the fish is not considered as dangerous to human. When I considered that I had enough photos, I left the fish. There were a lot of fish around me especially at the drop off area. I had taken a lot of pictures of them in previous day. 
Wobbegong at the beach of Raja Ampat Flow Resort
I focused on sea star, and Christmas Tree Worm. When I moved to close to them, they quickly pulled their bodies into their nests again. So, I changed my strategy. I approached them slowly holding my left hand on the rock. I readjusted the shooting mode of my camera to Macro Mode. This time, I could placed my camera only a few centimeters away from the worm. I found three different sea stars too. 
Christmas Tree Worm
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