Saturday, September 20, 2014

Broken Corals along Manggewa Beach of Mansinam Island

Last week when I made a short trip to Manggewa beach of Mansinam island, I was surprised by the physical appearance of the beach. I was very sad to see it. Broken corals had washed by the waves to the shore.
In general, there are several factors that cause damages to the coral reef.
Natural factors

  • Corals brake during heavy storms. Ordinary waves cannot brake corals.
  • Certain species of parrotfish bite corals. They play a very important role in the production and distribution of coral sand. The white sand that we usually see in tropical islands is produced by the fish. Waves also grind small size broken corals

Broken Corals scaterred along the Manggewa beach of Mansinam island
Human Factors

  • Illegal fishing techniques using explosives and nets in the coral reef area continue to cause severe destruction of marine environment.
  • Irresponsible tourism activites may also cause significant damages to coral reef. Snorkelers must not do their activities over coral reef particularly in shallow water and during low tide.
  • The operation of ships in coral reef areas.
  • Construction of man-made structures and land reclamation.

My Conclusion
From my personal observation in Manggewa beach, I strongly believe that the broken corals were caused by irresponsible fishing practices. Some fishermen had used explosives in the waters near the beach. Local government of Manokwari regency and the communities in Mansinam island must apply tougher actions to stop these practices. by Charles Roring

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