Thursday, January 28, 2010

Manokwari the perfect place for beach lovers

You might think that I have over promoted this post title. I am just telling you what I see. If you are a beach lover, you will see that white sandy beach in Manokwari is one of the best in the world? Why? Because it is the place where you can enjoy sun bathing, swimming, wind surfing and especially for nature lovers watching turtles laying their eggs. If you are serious in watching is precious moment than you need to set up a camp by the beach in a secluded beach area far from villagers home where turtles are usually come up to the beach. Isn't it wonderful? So, when you go to a beach in Manokwari, you can also do other activities such as bird watching around the coconut and ketapang, and mangrove trees that usually grow around the coastal region of Papua or you can hike into the tropical rainforest that is located in the near the beach.
One week ago, three Russian eco-travelers (Mike, Inga and Dima) went to Yonsoribo beach which is still under the Manokwari regency. It's only a two-hour ride by car to the beach. It is located on the northern coast of this town. The beach is not crowded by foreign tourists and it is still in pristine condition. They took some photos during their two days camping there. They built a tent by the road near the beach that is overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was Eastern Monsoon (November to March) where strong wind created big waves along the northern coast line of Papua island. So, it might be dangerous for inexperienced swimmers but it was the perfect moment for surfers to prctice their skills and agility playing on the wave crests with their surf-boards.

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