Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Naval Architect Who Also Likes Painting and Drawing

Besides running this blog (the diary of a naval architect), I also run a home based bookstore where I sell various titles of books. As a naval architect, I am very fond of art especially drawing. I spend my pasttime drawing or painting. Sometimes I draw boat or ship not in an engineering perspective but art.
Some friends say that the drawings are very good. They suggest me to open a painting gallery. After considering their advice, this month I decide to put some of my artworks on the wall of my bookstore. So, if those of you ask what actually my profession is then I would say that I am a naval architect, an entrepreneur and an artist and a nature lover.
Dealing with the stability, resistance and propulsion calculations of ships can be stressful especially when the ship is a completely new design with unconventional hull form. So, I need to find a way to reduce my stress. Some naval architects play sports, others travel to foreign countries, and me? Drawing is my choice. It is not expensive, and it can be done at home or outdoor.
For me naval architect is passion and profession. But this will be more meaningful if it is done in an artistic way. We must remember that naval architecture is an art and science of ship design and ship building. Therefore, all naval architects must consider ships or boats or yachts that they are working on not only as products of engineering but also as artworks. by Charles Roring

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