Sunday, December 23, 2012

Solar Powered Pumping System from Providence

In my previous post I wrote about waste water treatment system in Oasis of the Seas cruise ship. Water is the essence of life. For I who live in tropical region, water is every where. But for people in the Middle East (Israel, Jordan, Arab Saudi, and etc.) or the Saharan desert of Africa, water is not abundant. I used to write about Israel achievements in reclaiming more than 75 percent of its sewage water which is reused in the irrigation of its farmlands. Israel is also a leader in afforestation and drip irrigation projects. And all these projects need water.
The following picture presents the solar water pumping system developed by Providence, an American company that provides solar powered water pumps, portable water purification systems that use photovoltaic panels. The underground water that is pumped to the surface and purified can be used to irrigate farmland, provide water for livestock and villagers. This is an efficient solution for long term investment.

Experts continue to improve the efficiency of solar cells by using mono-crystalline cells, solar tracker and combining solar power plant with wind turbine and hydro-electric schemes. A lot of things need to be done to bring the cost down.
Photovoltaic panels that were developed for generating electricity for satellites are now used on Earth on many different applications. Efforts to use solar energy on cars have been done for years but most of them are still in the experimental levels. Photovoltaic panels may still not commercially viable for direct installation in electric vehicles but stationary solar power plant can supply electricity to charging stations that electric cars can use to replace their batteries or charge their batteries.
This eco-friendly technology is being improved by a lot of research institutes and industries to generate electricity at higher efficiency and cheaper price.

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