Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle is an alternative solution to the conventional fossil fuel cars. The FCEV uses fuel cells that chemically convert hydrogen into electricity. The following video shows cars that have been developed by car manufacturers from around the world. The narrator of the video says that the cost of fuel cell electric vehicles has come down by 80 percent. This development is expected by consumers who want to drive eco-friendly cars.

 The main challenge now is building the hydrogen infrastructure that will enable car users to drive their fuel cell electric vehicles where ever they go. Fuel cell has got a lot of potentials to be used as an eco friendly power generator if its hydrogen is produced from renewable energy resources such as solar energy, wind, or hydro-power. Hydrogen can be obtained from the electrolysis of water. Hydrogen has to be stored in liquid form. Electricity is needed to conduct the electrolysis. US car manufacturer General Motors launched its Chevrolet Equinox FCEV in 2008. The car uses hydrogen fuel cell that produces electricity to power its 94 kilowatt (126 horsepower) electric motor. Although most car manufacturers have made several prototypes of FCEVs, the commercial sale of fuel cell electric vehicles, according to their plans, will be realized in 2015. In order for the FCEV to be commericaly viable, its annual production should reach 100,000 units, said Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche in Speigel Magazine.

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