Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cruise Ship Oasis of the Seas' Central Park

Cruise ship Oasis of the Seas has a unique place for passengers who are not interested with the hustle and bustle of swimming pools or the casinos. For those who prefer the experience a more environmentally friendly space, the Central Park is the best choice. There are thousands of green plants and trees in the park with a 3-meter wide zigzag pathway that divides them. Various restaurants and retail shops are arranged on both sides of the park. Passengers can spend the whole day or night in the park walking, eating, reading or just talking with friends in a relax tropical atmosphere without feeling that they are sailing through an open sea. Because the central park is located in the middle of the superstructure, people who are in the park cannot see the sea.

The central park is actually an outdoor space on top of the roof or deck that covers the Royal Promenade's of the ship.  Because the park is located six decks below the top, on the average it will only receive sunlight for around three hours. Small irrigation for the tropical plants has been made to keep the humidity level wet and healthy for the plants. From this deck, travelers can see the blue sky above their heads.
Architects who designed the park had done careful study about the flow of air in order to only allow gentle breeze circulating around the deck of the central park. The open space in the central park allows light to brighten the rooms in the superstructure that are located closer to the centerline of the cruise ship. Although it reduces the number of spaces for passenger cabins and other facilities that can be constructed in the superstructure, the overall cruising experience felt by the passengers can be improved with the availability of the central park and board walk.
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