Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oasis of the Seas Suite

The Royal Suite on the Oasis of the Seas is really luxurious. This cruise ship offers one of the most comfortable sea voyage in the world. With large queen bed and jacuzzi as well as dining room with dry bar, this suite can be considered even better than the suite rooms of many on land 5 star hotels. When I visited the official website of STX Europe, the company that constructed the cruise ship, I read that the cabins were manufactured and supplied in modular forms. This really accelerated the completion of the vessel and at the same time maintain the standard quality of each room in the ship on the same level. Please, see the following picture of the Royal Suite room:

Oasis of the seas rooms had been made on land workshops before they were installed on the ship. This enabled the construction works to be executed at the same time with the interior works. STX Europe claims that the Oasis of the Seas was the largest export of the country at that time because it was the product whose components or parts were built and supplied by a lot of companies that were operating around the shipyard.
The master bedroom of the Oasis of the Seas suite with sitting area and Queen bed provides enough space for the passengers and their guests to enjoy the sea voyage from the comfortable room. With entertainment center, and piano, the Oasis of the Seas interior offers on board components that are really luxurious for her guests.
I don't know how much a passenger has to pay for each of these royal suites but the price must be worth thousands of US dollars for a complete round trip to the Caribbean islands. Because I personally haven't tried one of them, I could only give a little comment about the Royal Suite rooms based on the pictures and videos that I see on the internet :-) Happy cruising.

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