Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oasis of the seas interior

The interior of the Oasis of the Seas is unique and innovative. That's my personal impression when watching the video of the Oasis of the Seas for the first time. I was surprised to see how the naval architects who designed her superstructure put the rooms of the passenger cabins not in or near the center line of the vessel. It has been a long tradition among most ship designers to follow the pyramid rule for stacking the rooms above the main deck of the ship. This is to keep the center of gravity (CG) of the ship in line with the center line of the vessel. In addition, the lay out or the general arrangement of the ship is made symmetrical both in the port or starboard sides. It is surprising to see how the central park complete with the trees are put in the middle of this ship whereas the passenger cabins are placed on both sides of the ship a little bit far from the center line. Such arrangement actually is very good because most of the passengers cabins, including those at the inner side or near the center line, will have direct sun light.
Oasis of the Seas
From its principle dimensions which I read in Wikipedia, the height of the ship is 72 meters. It is really a tall ship (please, do not be confused with the idea of sailing ship) because it poses the ship to have high VCG (vertical center of gravity) which is as a matter of fact is not recommended for passenger ship. But I believe that the naval architects who designed the ship had carefully calculated this very well before starting to construct her. The ballast system must have very good pumping arrangement that can stabilize the ship during bad weather or when the movement of mass on board the ship negatively influence her stability. An experienced naval architect prefers wider hull to make taller ship more stable at sea.
The interior of Oasis of the Seas rooms actually is not too different from the interior of five star hotels. It has restaurants, sport centers, entertainment center, shops, and swimming pool. In my previous article about interior of passenger ship and cruise ship, I stated that the facilities of both ships are not the same because of the different purposes of their voyages. Passenger ships carry people from one harbor to another. They need to be fast so that the passengers will not be bored staying aboard the ships for too long. 
A lot of passenger ships still operate in Indonesian islands. Their interior is not luxurious. There is no vacuum toilet or bath tub. For cruise ships, they are not designed to carry passengers in fast speed from one port to another. They have been designed to cater people who want to enjoy their holidays at sea. The materials and technology used in the interior of cruise ships are expensive and advanced. Besides using high quality porcelain and leather, on certain compartments, fire resistant materials are used. Every compartment of the ship will also be equipped with fire fighting equipment that can be used anytime in case of emergency. 
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