Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oasis of the Seas CTR

Oasis of the Seas will be my next focus of attention in the coming months. Just a few minutes ago, I opened my webmaster tool account in Google to check which keywords had the highest CTR. I was surprised to see that "Oasis of the Seas Interior" and Oasis of the Seas Rooms" respectively got 11%. This was something that I did not expect to happen in my blog. I know that I used to write articles about ships and naval architecture but it was done last year including an article entitled: Interior of Passenger Ship and Cruise Ship which also discussed a little bit about this beautiful floating hotel. Wow, all those articles still have higher position in the search engine.
Perhaps many of you who read this post do not know what Oasis of the Seas is. Well, it is the name of the largest cruise ship in the world operated by the Royal Caribbean International.

When I watch the video of this ship, I am really amazed by its size. If this ship was designed by naval architects fifty years ago, I think they would need more than 5 years to finish the whole design calculation, the drawing of the general arrangement, the interior design of the cabins, and the assessment of its displacement, as well as the centers of gravity and buoyancy. With today's sophisticated design ship design software such as Maxsurf, and Delftship, the accuracy of the design and the stability assessment of the ship is high. 
Oasis of the Seas rooms are modern and luxurious. As the largest cruise ship in the world, Oasis of the Seas can carry more than 6,000 passengers. To arrange these people in decks, naval architects need to carefully design cabins that are comfortable but will not compromize the stability of the ship as a whole. First class passengers prefer to have rooms at higher decks so that they can see the view of the sea and the islands without any obstructions. But naval architects know well that if they put too many passengers on higher decks (meaning moving the center of gravity higher), the ships will have higher rolling period which may not be safe for the operation of the cruise ship.
Well, this is a little comment from me who has just seen the CTR of the cruise ship in my webmaster tool account. I will write more articles about this cruise ship and her sister Allure of the Seas in the near future and even next year.

Contrast Look of The interior of a ferry boat Kasuari Pasifik IV
A few days ago, I was traveling with two Dutch girls from Manokwari to Numfor island in West Papua. We went there by a ferry boat Kasuari Pasifik IV. The interior of this roro vessel was not as luxurious as the cruise ship above. The economic class passengers sit on the main deck of the boat together with cars and motorcycles. This is a common scene which we usually see on board of a boat in Papua.
Although this boat looks simple with no air conditioning system, it was perhaps the best vehicle in the New Guinea island for people who want to watch dolphins migrating around the Geelvink Baai. On the way back from Numfor island to Manokwari last Friday.
We saw a lot of dolphins moving at sea from the top deck of the ferry boat. We were really surprised by that.  Kasuari Pasifik is definitely not a luxurious ship, but it is a perfect place to watch dolphins in the tropical seas of New Guinea island.
For readers who are accustomed to read my travel journal stories in this blog, if they still want to read them, they can visit my manokwaripapua blog. I will return to my old passion which is writing articles related to ship or cruise vessel and marine tourism.

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