Thursday, December 3, 2009

Clean the hull of your yacht to reduce resistance and fuel cost

motor-yacht.jpgIf you have a boat or a yacht, you will feel that the cost of fuel is a significant spending that continues to rise. You might consider of selling your yacht and buy a smaller boat which consumes less fuel. Before you come to that decision, you need to check the hull of your yacht or boat whether it is clean or not.

The hull of a boat that is heavily covered with marine fouling such as barnacles, algae and small shells will increase the frictional resistance and eventually the cost of fuel. These barnacles have to be cleaned from your yacht's hull. If your boat is a recreational one that is made of wood, check the stern and stem part. It has to be of streamlined form to reduce the water resistance.

A streamlined hull will reduce the frictional resistance of your boat, or yacht. In addition, if you feel that after cleaning and smoothing the hull surface of your boat and it is still slow while moving on the water, you might have to consult with a naval architect to assess the propulsion system that you install in it. The pitch of the propeller might be too small, or the blade area ratio is too large. If this is the case then you need to replace the propeller with a new one that is suitable to the displacement, block coefficient and hull form of your boat or yacht. by Charles Roring

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