Friday, April 17, 2009

How to draw floor plan with Archicad of Graphisoft

Archicad is powerful BIM (Building Information Modelling) software created by Graphisoft that helps architects or home builders in designing buildings or houses. It has been used to design simple houses to complicated buildings. On the following tutorial, I am going to explain how to design a simple floor plan of a house using some drawing tools Archicad has.
First, launch your Archicad software. Then, create a new project. Click the wall tool on the left tool box and draw floor plan of a simple house like the picture above.
Sample of Floor Plan Drawing in Archicad
After drawing the walls of the rooms, you can continue by drawing doors, and windows using the drawing tools on the left toolbox. Archicad has a number of standard doors, windows and other objects which you can use to design a simple house up to a huge building with complex structures and layout. Just drag the window and door tools into the wall and instantly they will be installed in the floor plan. 
If you have finished designing the simple house, you can see the three dimensional form of the house by pressing Ctrl + F5. Your house should look like this.
The 3D view of the simple house that is automatically created by Archicad from the floorplan
If you are now learning about how to design a house from scratch, you can try using Chief Architect Home Designer Professional. It is a highly recommended software that also contains videos that provides step by step instructions for DIY home enthusiasts who want to design and construct the house by themselves. by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia

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Brenda Nelson said...

My husband loves designing houses, I am not sure what software he uses. He typically likes to design ridiculously large houses. I think these things are very practical not only for serious architects but for people who just want to dream. I am a horse lover, I would spend all my time designing barns and such.
I would love to design small sustainable housing units, 2 bedrooms for low income people, if I win the lottery that is really what I would like to most. Design nice starter homes for people.
Great blog thanks.