Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Archicad a powerful home design software for eco-house

Archicad is powerful software that many architects use to design houses. Yesterday two architects came to my bookstore. They were looking for books on CAD software for house design. I recommended Archicad books. Archicad has been around for quite a long time in Indonesia. But architects in West Papua just began to learn about it.
Why is Archicad so powerful? As CAD home design software, it can simultaneously be used to design floor plan and 3D drawings of a house or a building. I personally have tried the software and I liked it a lot. I can easily design the rooms, add objects such as chairs, bed, table, doors and window and after that see them in 3D view.
If I want to modify the rooms by changing their sizes, removing the locations of doors or windows, this modification is automatically reflected in all drawings and sections including the 3D view.
The Archicad library provides extensive selections of objects and texture of walls or wood panels in various different colors and materials. If I want to expand the capability of Archicad, I can visit Graphisoft website. I used to see how a home designer use a plug in called Archicad MEP to design the piping and electrical installation of a building. I think the software is still open for many developments.
In the future, Architects want to see the inclusion of structural analysis capability in Archicad software so that the whole design process of a house or a building can be done using Archicad. Also read: How to add column and beam to a house using Archicad

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