Monday, March 30, 2009

Dimensioning of Round Wall in Archicad of Graphisoft

After designing the round wall in Archicad, now you can continue by applying dimension to each segment of the round wall and windows. To apply dimension, click the dimension tool in the tool box of your Archicad program. Then, click each point of the wall segment, from the left most point of the wall to the first window, then from the next point of the window to the next point of the window. Continue clicking the segment until you arrived on the end point which is the right most point of the round wall. The points of dimension that you click on the round wall should look like the following picture.


After that, double click the right most point or the end of the round wall and bring the cursor to the outer side of the building or the house. You will see a symbol of hammer shown up to you. Click there and you will see that the points which you applied to each segment of the round wall have become the dimension of the round wall.


You can do the same to the straight wall or other round wall of a house or a room. Applying dimension to a room is very easy. You only need to click the dimension tool and click the points where you need to know their distance or dimension. Archicad is very powerful building design software. It can help you apply dimension even in three dimensional view of the building. I will explain it to you in my other article about Archicad tutorial. by Charles Roring in Manokwari of West Papua - Indonesia.

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